The Preceptor as Educator: Strengthening the CPM Credential

This series of online continuing education courses includes 6 separate courses for a total of 9 continuing education hours (0.9 CEUs). You may take them separately or “bundled” together as one unit, for a discount price.  The click on the linked title of any course to go to Digital Chalk.  Once there, please create a log-in for yourself and find your desired course in our catalog of offerings.

Individual Courses

Part 1: Preceptors: Providers of Essential Midwifery Education
1.5 continuing education hours
Cost $30
Presenter: Suzy Myers, CPM, LM, MPHObjectives:

  • Identify characteristics of successful preceptors
  • Relate the stages of the Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition to assessing student midwife progress and readiness for instruction and clinical responsibilities
  • Describe the role of students in midwifery practices
  • Differentiate between the role of the midwifery assistant and the midwifery student
  • Explain ways to facilitate student learning
Part 2: Creating a Successful Preceptorship: The Essential Elements
1 continuing education hour
Cost $20
Presenter: Suzy Myers, CPM, LM, MPHObjectives:

  • Describe elements of a successful preceptor-student relationship
  • Identify methods to evaluate student performance, critical thinking and problem solving abilities
  • Explain issues of reliability and objectivity related to student evaluation by both student and preceptor, the same student with different preceptors, and the same preceptor with different students
  • Contrast formative and summative evaluation and explain the purpose for each
Part 3: Precepting, Teaching and Meeting Challenges
1.5 continuing education hours
Cost $30
Presenter: Suzy Myers, CPM, LM, MPHObjectives:

  • List the skills and abilities identified by preceptors and students as the most difficult to teach and to learn and employ strategies for teaching these competencies
  • Explain ways to gain client consent to include students in their care
  • Describe ways preceptors can build student confidence and encourage student progress
  • Critique student performance, assess and provide guidance to the failing student
Part 4: Ethics and the Preceptor/Student Relationship
1.5 continuing education hours
Cost $30
Presenter: Illysa Foster, CPM, LM, M.EdObjectives:

  • Describe the imbalance of power inherent in the preceptor-student relationship
  • Identify different types of power that preceptors have over students and the ethical considerations associated with exercising power
  • Apply findings from relevant psychology studies about the risks for abuse of authority to the midwifery student-preceptor relationship
  • Clarify potential for conflict due to differences in preceptor and student goals
  • Explain how to “Do Ethics” every day within the context of challenges inherent in the midwifery profession
Part 5: Inclusion and Cultural Awareness
2 continuing education hours
Cost $40
Presenter: Wendy Gordon, CPM, LM, MPHObjectives:

  • Explain NARM’s cultural competency requirements for new and recertifying CPMs
  • Better identify our own individual cultural norms, values and beliefs
  • Relate Bennett’s model of intercultural awareness to our own cultural “lens” and our ability to relate to people from different cultures
  • Describe cultural differences regarding specific competencies such as eye contact, personal space, touching and decision making
  • Identify ways to integrate students from diverse populations into the preceptor’s clinical practice
  • Support student diversity to broaden the cultural representation of future midwives through successful clinical training and education
Part 6: NARM Requirements for CPM Certification
1.5 continuing education hours
Cost $30
Presenter: Ida Darragh, LM, CPMObjectives:

  • Explain NARM requirements for preceptors and students
  • Identify NARM’s process for CPM application including documenting knowledge, skills and clinical experiences
  • Describe how NARM performs a job analysis to determine what knowledge, skills and clinical experiences are essential to entry-level midwifery practice
  • Define NARM terms and requirements for assist, primary, direct supervision, preceptor, and preceptor’s signature
  • Identify how interested persons such as midwifery students and preceptors can access NARM application forms online and determine requirements for CPM certification

Bundled courses

This option allows the midwife to take the entire series for $150, a $30 savings over taking each course separately.  Please log in to Digital Chalk and look for “The Preceptor as Educator: Strengthening the CPM Credential: Discount 6-Course Bundle” in our catalog of offerings