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 Midwifery Belly Lab 2015Clinical faculty really are one of the most important and valued instructors in midwifery education. They teach the “art” of midwifery – the actual hands-­on skills that transform a person from a midwifery student into a midwife. Just as there are different educational paths to becoming a midwife, there are also different ways in which students find and work with preceptors. In the apprenticeship-­based model, a student might work with only one preceptor who teaches almost all clinical skills to the student. Students who choose to attend a school might be placed in two or more preceptor sites by a clinical coordinator at the school. They might have already learned the basics of many physical skills before ever setting foot in a clinic or meeting a client. Regardless of the logistics, the preceptor/ student relationship is a crucial element in a midwife’s education.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAME provides preceptors/ clinical faculty with resources for teaching clinical skills, communicating with students, giving responsible and effective feedback, setting boundaries and much more.

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